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Lake Tomahawk Bible Church   WHO WE ARE

A Christmas Eve Service will be offered this year

at 7:00 PM

  • Multi-generational body: young families, big families, seniors, singles
  • Rural north-woods setting
  • People from many different communities within a 60-mile radius
  • Relational
  • Biblical, Authentic
  • Attendance between 90 – 100 people on Sunday
  • Lake Tomahawk, WI, the only church in town
  • Christ-oriented
  • Growing, Fresh dynamic ministry
  • Sunday school, adult and children
  • People who have been transformed, and are being made new
  • Gracious, loving, compassionate, desiring to serve
  • Giving sacrificially
  • Leaving a legacy for Jesus
  • Independent evangelical church
  • Elder led
  • Hymns and chorus, acoustic guitars, piano, keyboards, voices
  • Small group home fellowships
  • Growing children’s ministry, Awana started 2018 with 40 students
  • A familial, loving atmosphere

Contact Our Staff

Interim Pastor
Peter Kolb
(407) 870-3374


Alan Brill (Chairman)
Pat Coffen
Steve Simmermaker
Tim Thuemling


Prayer Request
Tim Thuemling
(715) 550-4047